meattent062207.jpgYou can read a little bit about my love of reading, and what I intend to do with this blog, in my introduction entry!Some other interesting information about me… I love animals! I have a cat named Sammy-Joe, and I just adopted a nine-month-old puppy named Trixie! Before that I had Chopper, my beloved and most wonderful doggie, who died of lymphoma at age thirteen, just this past October. (Our family also had another dog before Chopper… a sweet and speedy dog named Zip, named after the dog in the Happy Hollisters books!)

I love rollercoasters, traveling, blogging, arts and crafts, creative writing, angels, and more. I also love children! I am attempting to start an Internet business through Bookwise. My ultimate goal is to be a special education teacher, but while I am going to school for that, I have had to hold a series of irritating jobs that haven’t exactly fit my needs. So I thought the perfect solution would be to find a business where I could work at home, at my own leisure, and also be able to dedicate more time to my schooling! Sounds like a good deal, right?

I also write another blog called They’re All Our Children, which is about children’s issues. I use sponsored posts on that blog, and donate half the proceeds to a different children’s organization each month.

Other than that… What else is there to say? I hope you have fun reading my blog! Feel free to email me with any book suggestions you may have!